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Waldemar Zaborski - virtuoso guitar, music academic teacher, a graduate of the academy of Music in Kraków, participant also of master courses led by Ichiro Suzuki (from Japan) and by Jad Azcoul (from USA). Awarded at an International Guitar Competition in Esztergom (Hungary), on which several years later, together with Laszlo Szendrey Karper - the artistic director, conducted a guitar orchestra consisting of 150 musicians. He was a jury member on a guitar festivals in Volos (Greece) and in Kielce (Poland). He is the author of numerous arrangements of pieces performed by the duo and for solo guitar. He created a special method of teaching to play the guitar, owing to which his pupils won more than 120 rewards at guitar competitions in Poland and abroad. He also organizes master courses for young, skilled guitarists.

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